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Articles and stories about what Project ADAM is doing to prepare schools and communities for sudden cardiac arrest. Topics include personal stories, AED drills, CPR/AED training, advocacy, cardiac emergency preparedness, Heart Safe Schools, Community Sites and Youth Sports programs.


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Protecting our young athletes

Protecting Our Young Athletes: Heart Safe Sports Implementation

As a federal law enforcement officer deployed overseas, Bryan Inagaki had training in trauma and emergency response. However, he was not prepared when a friend called him and said, “I think I just saw a kid on the lacrosse field today.”


Empowering Children With Life-Saving Knowledge

Those of us who are fortunate enough to spend our professional lives working with children off all ages benefit from their endless supply of energy and emotion, at times only a trickle, though frequently, a deluge.


Leveling the Playing Field: Making it Heart Safe for Everyone

During a NFL Monday Night Football game, at the start of a brand new Year, Damar Hamlin, a safety for the Buffalo Bills, tackled Bengal’s wide receiver Tee Higgins. Mr. Hamlin stood up momentarily and then collapsed while millions of people watched.


How Project ADAM Got Started

Hi and welcome to our second blog! I hope that you had a chance to read our first blog, dedicated to Adam Lemel. Now it’s time to let you know how we got started.


Meet Adam

Adam loved sports, and was a tireless athlete who loved to play basketball and tennis.  He was a bundle of energy whose life was stopped in one short instant.