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Who We Are

Project ADAM

Project ADAM began in 1999 after the death of Adam Lemel, a 17-year-old Whitefish Bay, WI, high school student who collapsed and died while playing basketball. Adam suffered a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), in which ventricular fibrillation occurred, a condition in which the ventricles cannot pump blood into the body. Defibrillation, or an AED, could have saved his life. Adam's parents, Patty Lemel and Joe Lemel, collaborated with Children's Hospital of Wisconsin to create this program in Adam's memory.


Read more about what it means to be heart safe. 

What it means to be heart safe.


If you are interested in getting support to implement Heart Safe porgrams in your state or region, please contact a Project ADAM affiliate program near you.

Connnect with your local affiliate.


Project ADAM advocates for legislation to empower communities to respond. 

See your local legislation. 


Project ADAM Public Hearing Assembly Bill 545

Project ADAM speaker at the Wisconsin House Assembly's public hearing regarding Assembly Bill 545, which was later passed into law as Wisconsin Act 390. This law made Wisconsin the 31st state to require CPR & AED instruction as a high school requirement.